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Our Vision | Mission & Values

At Diagnostic Green, our VISION is to attain global leadership in the manufacturing and distribution of Indocyanine Green Injectable Dye by accommodating our customer and stakeholder needs – with guaranteed product availability – anytime, anywhere.

Our MISSION is to  achieve sustainable growth and optimal return on investment through our commitment to:

People: Work as a team with customers, partners and associates to provide the highest value in customer satisfaction and innovative solutions.

Process: Continuously improve manufacturing and logistic quality processes that comply with the highest regulatory standards, and assure a reliable supply to our customers and the patients they serve.


Finally, our CORE VALUES encompass:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Flexibility

The Diagnostic Green core values serve as a foundation for the way we conduct business and fulfill our mission.


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